Airdev Launch

A new kind of accelerator

We invest in select non-technical entrepreneurs in the form of deeply discounted software development. Coming in the fall of 2023.

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Trusted by 500+ forward-thinking startups

$300m+ raised
$120m raised from Softbank
YCombinator funded
Techstars funded
Andreessen Horowitz funded
500 Startups funded
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Discount (on up to $100k spend)


Average first build price



The Process

How it works

Apply for the accelerator

  • Fill out an application letting us know about your concept
  • Have an interview that allows us to get to know each other
  • Receive a decision within 1 week

We build your product in 1-3 months

  • You pay a deeply discounted rate, below our cost
  • We staff a full team on your project (PM, UX designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA specialist)
  • We help you maintain and iterate on your product

We collect a small portion of your initial revenue

  • Usually between 5 and 10%
  • You stop paying once the repayment amount is reached
  • Repayment amount is calculated by applying a multiplier to the discount you received on our services

What we look for

We look for a few key characteristics in companies that we accept

How We do it

The no-code approach means speed & flexibility

We use the most powerful no-code tools like Bubble that allow us to standardize common marketplace functionality while custom building the unique features you need.

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NO-code benefits

Why no-code is a no-brainer

Airdev was built to work with both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Half of our team are former founders and we've built the process to be lean and iterative.

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Same flexibility as a coded app

We use the tool Bubble, which allows us to create a fully custom UI, build any functionality, and connect to any external services.

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Built 5-10x faster than traditional development

Using Bubble means that we don't have to reinvent the wheel with every build and can easily reuse common components. The result is a drastically faster development process.

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No infrastructure worries

When you build this way, you're outsourcing your scaling problems (server maintenance, backend optimization, etc) to Bubble, which means you don't have to worry as you scale to 1000s of users.


Common questions

How is this different from other accelerators?

VCs/accelerators place bets on companies where they know most will fail, which makes them need to select companies with multi-billion dollar upside. That eliminates 95% of really good businesses with a clearer path to success in a specific niche. We're taking a different approach, investing in those companies using our own expertise, with the prospect of return through revenue sharing. This way, incentives are aligned and we don’t have to seek out the elusive unicorns.

How many companies will you accept?

We will accept between 5 and 10 companies.

How much does this cost?

Our services will be discounted 70% for up to the first $100k of spend, so the out-of-pocket amount depends on the complexity of the product that you’re looking to build. Generally you should be able to build a v1 of most kinds of products for $10k or under. On top of that we will collect a small percentage of your initial revenue, until the repayment amount is reached (repayment amount is calculated by applying a multiplier to the discount that you received).

Why is this not free for those accepted?

We do not have external investors and have labor costs, so doing this completely for free would be unsustainable. We’ve opted for a combination of a large discount (below our own costs) and a revenue-based repayment plan.

Are there personal guarantees?

There are no personal guarantees. If your company doesn’t end up generating revenues, you won’t be personally liable for any repayments.

Do you take equity in the companies that you accept?

No, we don’t, we use a revenue-based financing model instead.

What does Airdev get out of this?

We’ve worked with many hundreds of non-technical entrepreneurs through the years and have gotten good at identifying patterns in what makes successful founders and companies. That allows us to take a risk on some companies and expect that a large portion of them will be able to pay us back.

What kinds of products can you build?

We can build almost any kind of a web application. Learn more about our capabilities on this page.

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