Launch the next great online marketplace

We help set up custom two-sided marketplaces like Airbnb, Etsy, TaskRabbit, and others in a fraction of time and cost of traditional developers.

A dashboard showing a list of product listing
An icon with multiple users

Users & roles

User accounts with different user types and user-specific permissions

A dashboard icon

Listings & profiles

Listings of various types, each with a beautiful profile page

A search icon

Search & filters

Search, filter, and sort functionality, ranging from simple to complex

A credit card icon


Payments that are split between the listing owner and the platform

A chat icon


Chat functionality for pairs, groups, and even chat-bots

A calendar icon


Availability calendars and automatic bookings based on date or time

A star icon


Allow users to submit ratings and reviews for purchases/bookings

A graph icon

Robust analytics

Robust metrics and trends on visitors & their activity

A gear icon

Admin portal

A special dashboard for the Admin to manage app settings & data

A globe icon


Support for multiple languages based on the user's location or preference

A mobile icon

Responsive design

Our apps are designed to be responsive, so that they look great on every device

A folder with a plus icon

Other features

Virtually anything you can do with conventional code, we can do too!

Case Studies

Madeline Dangerfield-Cha

As non-technical, female founders of a mission-driven organization, we got a lot of feedback that our idea was nice but we needed to get a technical co-founder on board to be taken seriously. What AirDev has been able to accomplish in just a week is totally astounding and fits our needs perfectly.

We helped Mon Ami launch their 2-sided marketplace providing community support for elders, leading to successful VC funding and growth.

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David Vitek

Working with Airdev was key to our strategy of building out a marketplace for kids activities. What would have once taken 6 months to build, we managed to get to market in 6 weeks. Airdev were very responsive and able to work through complicated challenges in a simplified way.

We helped Kidsbook launch a feature-rich event booking marketplace for kids' activities.

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Andrés Vélez, CEO of Tributi

Airdev was a true partner in the earliest days, helping us to validate our concept, get traction, and set the foundation for what we have today.

We built the product that helped AwayCo launch their surfboard rental platform and secure VC funding.

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We are the NoCode experts

The holy grail is to build anything imaginable without writing a single line of code. No matter what the marketing material says, that’s not possible.


Beautiful design out of the box

Using our Canvas design framework with your custom branding, you can achieve a modern and intuitive experience for your users.

A profile page
A listing page for a property
A checkout page displaying items in the user's cart
A search page displaying a list of red wines
A dashboard displaying product listings for a storefront
A profile page displaying in-app messaging between two users
An account page highlighting the payments tab with credit card information
An on-demand cleaning service landing page
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Common questions

How is the price determined?

The price to build your marketplace will depend on how long it takes us to build it, which in turn depends on how complex your marketplace is. We generally recommend starting with the simplest version you can and then adding more complex functionality as needed.

What other costs are involved?

Besides our development costs other costs include hosting on Bubble (see their pricing here) and any paid integrations that need to be used in your marketplace (for features like payments, SMS notifications, etc.).

What are the limitations of this approach?

There are very few limitations because we are able to implement practically any functionality, either directly in Bubble or through an external integration. The biggest limitation is with native mobile (iOS/Android) apps - we can't use all of the phone's native functionality, such as Bluetooth access, accelerometer, or offline mode.

Why is this so much cheaper than conventional development?

We are able to build marketplaces much faster by using the no-code framework Bubble and by using a modular development process. A key concept is that most marketplaces have a lot of common functionality and UI, so we can achieve drastically faster turnarounds by standardizing that functionality.

Is this better than coding my marketplace?

We think so. Building an online marketplace isn't actually technically complex, it's been done thousands of times before. That's why it makes sense to use proven tech to build it instead of coding everything from scratch.

Is this better than a SaaS tool like Sharetribe?

That depends. SaaS products like Sharetribe are great if you want to use exactly the features that they offer. However, if you need something custom, this is better because we have the flexibility to add or modify any functionality or design aspects of your marketplace.

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