Launch the next great online marketplace

We help set up custom two-sided marketplaces like Airbnb, Etsy, TaskRabbit, and others in a fraction of time and cost of traditional developers.

A dashboard showing a list of product listing
An icon with multiple users

Users & roles

User accounts with different user types and user-specific permissions

A dashboard icon

Listings & profiles

Listings of various types, each with a beautiful profile page

A search icon

Search & filters

Search, filter, and sort functionality, ranging from simple to complex

A credit card icon


Payments that are split between the listing owner and the platform

A chat icon


Chat functionality for pairs, groups, and even chat-bots

A calendar icon


Availability calendars and automatic bookings based on date or time

A star icon


Allow users to submit ratings and reviews for purchases/bookings

A graph icon


Robust metrics and trends on visitors & their activity

A gear icon

Admin portal

A special dashboard for the Admin to manage app settings & data

A globe icon


Support for multiple languages based on the user's location or preference

A mobile icon

Responsive design

Our apps are designed to be responsive, so that they look great on every device

A folder with a plus icon

Other features

Virtually anything you can do with conventional code, we can do too!

Case Studies

Madeline Dangerfield-Cha

As non-technical, female founders of a mission-driven organization, we got a lot of feedback that our idea was nice but we needed to get a technical co-founder on board to be taken seriously. What AirDev has been able to accomplish in just a week is totally astounding and fits our needs perfectly.

We helped Mon Ami launch their 2-sided marketplace providing community support for elders, leading to successful VC funding and growth.

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David Vitek

Working with Airdev was key to our strategy of building out a marketplace for kids activities. What would have once taken 6 months to build, we managed to get to market in 6 weeks. Airdev were very responsive and able to work through complicated challenges in a simplified way.

We helped Kidsbook launch a feature-rich event booking marketplace for kids' activities.

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Andrés Vélez, CEO of Tributi

In just two weeks, Airdev created an elegantly streamlined version of our previous internal partner community platform, built on top of our Salesforce data. The result became an instant hit with our network of linguists, while dramatically reducing the time spent on ongoing maintenance.

We built a private community portal for Cadence to house and manage their global network of thousands of expert translators.

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Andrés Vélez, CEO of Tributi

Airdev helped our Bay Area region ditch the spreadsheet to better support our teachers. In just one month, we built a platform to fit our unique engagement and data needs and allow coaches to add and review notes on the go.

We created a membership platform for Teach For America to manage their member corps, alumni, teacher training events, and act as a social hub for their organization.

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Andrés Vélez, CEO of Tributi

Airdev was the first agency to join us back in 2014 and they've been pushing the boundaries of no-code ever since.

We were first in the Bubble community to showcase the power of Bubble by helping businesses scale to $100M+ in revenue.

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Andrés Vélez, CEO of Tributi

As non-technical, female founders of a mission-driven organization, we got a lot of feedback that our idea was nice but we needed to get a technical co-founder on board to be taken seriously. What AirDev has been able to accomplish in just a week is totally astounding and fits our needs perfectly.

We helped Mon Ami launch an all-in-one community platform for associations and service providers in the Aging & Disabilities Services community.

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How to start an online marketplace: The ultimate guide to no-code marketplaces

At Airdev, we've helped many entrepreneurs and businesses build marketplaces using visual development, or "no-code". In this guide, we highlight why no-code is ideal for marketplaces, as well as best practices for founders to quickly go from having a great idea to launching a sustainable product.

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Beautiful design out of the box

Using our Canvas design framework with your custom branding, you can achieve a modern and intuitive experience for your users.

A profile page
A listing page for a property
A checkout page displaying items in the user's cart
A search page displaying a list of red wines
A dashboard displaying product listings for a storefront
A profile page displaying in-app messaging between two users
An account page highlighting the payments tab with credit card information
An on-demand cleaning service landing page
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Common questions

Will my application scale?

Yes. We always design apps to optimize for scale, based on our understanding of the potential features and user behavior our client envisions. The Bubble technology is built to scale, with the ability to upgrade server capacity as needed (including migrating to a dedicated AWS cluster) to service a growing user base. Bubble provides simple dashboards and notifications to track app capacity usage to help you adjust as needed.

Will my application be secure?

Yes. All app data is stored on industry-standard Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, which companies like Netflix use to manage their sensitive data. Data is encrypted at rest, all changes are logged for auditing, and role-based privacy rules determine what data is visible to which users. Apps support SSL encryption (i.e., https:// rather than http://), which offers an additional layer of data security. For apps requiring the transfer of sensitive personal medical records, our apps cannot yet be HIPPA compliant. We are happy to answer specific questions about security as you get started on your project.

How much will my application cost to build?

We price our projects based on how much effort they are going to take. The key factors are how much functionality you're looking to build, how complex the functionality is, and whether you we use our design framework or implement a custom design. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to get a quote for your project!

Who owns the IP rights to my application?

You own the rights to your concept, your application, and all user-generated data created through the app. Airdev retains the ownership of the IP for our predesigned page and element templates that we use across multiple projects. More details on this distinction can be found in the client contract you can review before approving a build.

Is Airdev able to support and extend my application as it grows?

Yes, you can come back to us at any point after the initial build for additional work. You can request ad-hoc updates or sign up for a monthly plan, which will come with a certain amount of team capacity.

What technology will my application be built on?

We build on the latest visual programming framework, Bubble, which allows us to build incredibly quickly and flexibly with minimal technical input. This reduces the cost and headache to our clients, and increases app stability out of the gate. Bubble itself is written in CoffeeScript running on Node.js, uses Postgres databases hosted on AWS, and exposes POST or GET APIs for third-party connections. The app can be easily connected to external APIs and the app's database can be easily exported.

What are the limitations? What can you not build?

There are a few categories of tools that we can't help with:
- Fully native mobile apps (e.g. Whatsapp or Uber) - though web-based mobile apps are supported
- Existing products written in code
- Apps that need to work without an internet connection
If you're not sure whether we can do what you need, we would be happy to help you find out!

How does this compare to using a SaaS product like Sharetribe?

SaaS products like Sharetribe are great if you want to launch a product that perfectly matches the features that they offer. However, if you need something custom, our approach is better because we have the flexibility to add or modify any functionality or design aspects of your marketplace.

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