Learn how Airdev helped Kidsbook build a custom no-code marketplace in just 6 weeks to connect parents with kids activity providers.

Kidsbook started with the idea to launch a kids activity marketplace to connect parents and providers in one digital location. To get the concept off the ground fast, they opted to use Bubble as their no-code platform and to leverage the technical expertise of an agency to avoid climbing the learning curve themselves.

In 2020, Kidsbook partnered with Airdev to build a custom 2-sided marketplace app on Bubble that allows verified providers to offer kids activities that parents can register their kids for. 

The results? 

  • A custom-built marketplace that launched in 6 weeks
  • 1000+ providers signed up on the platform
  • Company expansion (i.e. staff and platform) during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic
"If we went on our own, we would have gotten stuck on some of these hurdles that would have taken us quite a while to get past. But to be able to access that braintrust inside Airdev definitely sped things up for us…we [even] learned more about the capabilities of what Bubble could achieve for us."
David Vitek
CEO and Founder of Kidsbook

The OBJEctive

Kidsbook’s goal was to be a hub for booking quality, verified kids activities from providers that parents could trust. To do this, they needed to build a platform that allowed activity providers to register, get vetted, and log their events, and parents to browse and sign their kids up for activities. This included scheduling and payments for bookings. 

The founder and CEO David Vitek knew that building a marketplace platform through traditional programming would be cumbersome and slow (he had already co-founded hipages, the the most visited site in the Australian home improvement and building sector, with web traffic in excess of 1M visitors per month). Instead, he wanted a leaner development process that could get the concept off the ground fast. After testing Bubble and confirming it had the capabilities needed for an initial proof of concept, he decided this was the right development platform for Kidsbook. 

However, Kidsbook didn’t have the in-house Bubble expertise and knowledge to build as quickly and cost-effectively as they wanted. 



A key benefit to building with Bubble is faster speed and lower costs than traditional software development. To take advantage of this and also offer a convenient and trustworthy experience for parents, Kidsbook partnered with Airdev to build the platform. As one of the first and largest Bubble agencies, Airdev provided Kidsbook with the expertise, experience, and reliability they needed to confidently launch their marketplace. 

Airdev’s Approach

During the scoping process, Airdev’s dedicated product manager used their experience building digital marketplaces on Bubble to walk David through each major feature decision-point in the product flow. This included recommendations for what to include now vs. push for later in order to achieve the leanest version of the product. All of this then led to the creation of a product roadmap that translated Kidsbook’s vision into a detailed format that Bubble developers could use to hit agreed upon deadlines.  

“It wasn’t just the build of the product. It was also the product ideas, thinking, and discussions around where we wanted the product to go. And especially in those early phases – while we’re doing some really fast learning – Airdev was really able to keep up with the pace.” - David Vitek


Kidsbook was able to get their new marketplace product to market on budget in just 6 weeks. Because of this, they were able to keep promises and start getting activity providers signed up on the platform. They retained an Airdev team on a recurring basis for ongoing product iterations as feedback came in from clients using the platform.

Thanks to their ability to launch fast and rapidly react to market demands, Kidsbook was able to expand its team and platform, scaling to have 2 internal developers and signing up 1000+ providers on the platform.

“After working with Airdev, we were able to make this product come to life...We launched Kidsbook within 6 weeks, then we were able to do continuous iterations based on feedback we were getting from the market.” - David Vitek

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