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Focus on the work you love - we’ll take care of the rest

As Bubble and no-code continue to grow, so does the demand for great talent. Airdev Partners is a unique program that provides the flexibility of freelancing (remote, gig-based), but without the hassle of finding your own clients and managing logistics. We look for the top no-code talent through our rigorous selection process, and staff virtual teams to execute client builds using our standards and processes. This means Partners can focus on what they love – building great products.

The Developer Track

Developer Partners build secure and performant Bubble applications to meet the client’s needs.

In this role, the Developer is responsible for all of the app’s functionality – database structure, privacy rules, workflow logic, integrations, etc. We provide functional requirements and a preassembled UI, and the Developer works independently to hit weekly deliverables.

You might be a fit if you have Bubble mastery (logic, not design), love creating elegant solutions to complex problems, and have clear written communication (English). Don’t know Bubble yet? Check out our bootcamp!

"Joining the Partner Program was the best move in my Bubble career. I was able to access great resources and expertise, work with amazing teammates, and earn good money while growing my skillset."
Pablo Heredia Pastor

The Product Manager Track

PM Partners translate a client’s vision into specific product requirements and manage the build.

In this role the Product Manager is responsible for taking a build from concept to live app. This means creating detailed feature requirements and project plan, managing build execution and launch, and supporting the client as they iterate and scale.

You might be a fit if you have a strong analytical background, superior communication skills (English), and want to experience the end-to-end product creation process with multiple projects at once. Note: Prior Bubble experience is not required, but it helps cut your onboarding time.

"The Partner Program is the real deal. Between the challenging projects, the supportive community, and the continual push for growth, I don't know where I'd be without it. A truly innovative and exciting option for anyone building a new career in tech."
Matt Neary
New Zealand

The UX Designer Track

UX Designer Partners create delightful front-end experiences to match app requirements.

In this role the Designer is responsible for creating high-fidelity Figma mockups for complete client apps. We provide functional requirements and our Canvas design frameworks, and the Designer works independently to bring the client app to life.

You might be a fit if you have product design and Figma mastery, past experience using design systems, and clear written communication (English).

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"Being a Partner has been a truly rewarding experience – working on a wide range of projects that have not only helped me improve my skills, but also helped me build meaningful connections with teammates."
Patricia San Luis


Build custom software for all types of clients, from 1-person startups to Fortune 50 enterprises

We build custom software for clients of all sizes and types

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