Airdev’s mission is
to set the standard for
no-code development

Software powers the modern economy, and no-code is quickly becoming the new standard for developing great software in a fraction of the time and cost of coding it from scratch. But fast doesn’t mean easy – building high-quality products still requires strictly following the right development principles.

We founded Airdev in 2015 to fulfill the no-code promise: to make custom software development 10x faster and more flexible while maintaining the performance, security, and scalability of traditional code. Every aspect of our approach is designed to set the standard in this new world.

Below are the principles we follow:

Choose the most powerful framework

There are many no-code tools, but there is only one true visual programming language: Bubble.io. The difference is simple - while most platforms offer customizable templates to address specific use cases (ecommerce, dashboards, etc.), Bubble provides complete control over every detail of the design, functionality, and extensibility of the apps we build. This means never having to tell our clients “sorry, we can’t do that”.

Select & train the world’s most meticulous builders

With Bubble, developers no longer need code, but they still must have strong logical programming skills. We have developed a rigorous multi-step selection process that uses practical exercises to screen thousands of candidates and find the top 3%. We test for technical ability, professionalism, and alignment with our core values. The result is the most skilled and customer-centric team in the industry.

Staff specialized teams, not lone rangers

Building a complex product requires a wide range of expertise: product, to define what should be built; design, to create delightful experiences; technical, to build for scale; and QA, to prevent issues. We staff teams of specialists to support our engineers, instead of generalist builders to “do it all”. We also use fractional capacity to give our clients the best of each individual’s skills without breaking the bank.

Customize what’s unique, standardize what’s not

After building many different kinds of applications, we’ve found that even the most custom apps have many features in common. We created our Canvas framework (#1 in the Bubble store) to give each build a great design and standard features (like user logins and admin controls) out of the box, so our UX designers and developers can focus their time on meeting the client’s unique requirements. This results in higher-quality products built at lower cost.

Obsess over process

Process is not glamorous, but we make it our not-so-secret weapon. We have invested years into building proprietary software (on Bubble) that guides clients and project teams through each step of our process, ensuring that everything gets built in the right way and expectations are aligned at each step. For our clients, this means more transparency, on-time delivery, and predictably great outcomes for projects of any size. 

Use every project to get better

After 500+ successful launches we understand what it takes to build a great product. And yet we try to maintain a beginner’s mindset, using every project to figure out how we can improve our processes, systems, and standards. We believe that even the tiniest improvements add up over time into massively better outcomes for our clients.


Want to join the movement?

We are always looking to partner with visionary clients and meticulous builders. Here are some ways to get involved: