Airdev’s mission is
to set the standard for
no-code development

Software powers the modern economy, and no-code is quickly becoming the new standard for developing great software in a fraction of the time and cost of coding it from scratch. But fast doesn’t mean easy – building high-quality products still requires strictly following the right development principles.

We founded Airdev in 2015 to fulfill the no-code promise: to make custom software development 10x faster and less expensive while maintaining the performance, security, and scalability of traditional code. Every aspect of our approach is designed to set the standard in this new world.

We believe that this mission is important because it will:

Make tech entrepreneurship more accessible

Tech entrepreneurship is still not accessible to most people, and startup founders tend to be either coders themselves or those who have the funding needed to hire expensive coders. No-code lowers this barrier by increasing the number of software developers, reducing the time it takes to build, and thus dramatically lowering costs. This means that a lot more people from all walks of life and without access to large amounts of capital will be able to take the entrepreneurial plunge. We are already seeing this with hundreds of our non-technical founder clients.

Allow companies to solve problems they couldn’t solve before

In the past it didn’t make sense for companies to build custom software in most cases because of how expensive it was and how long it took. Companies had to instead use off-the-shelf SaaS tools or spreadsheets, which came with functionality and scalability limitations. No-code changes the cost equation and makes it possible to build custom internal and client-facing tools in many more cases. We are seeing this with our enterprise clients that are building custom CRM systems, customer portals, pricing tools, inventory tracking tools, and much more.

Create a new technical career path for non-coders

The number of people in the world who have the aptitude to build software is 10x+ greater than the number of people who know how to code. No-code lowers the time it takes to become a professional developer from years to months, which means that shifting careers into software has never been easier. And no-code doesn’t require any specific background or education, just strong logical thinking and a love for tinkering. We are already seeing hundreds of no-code developers making a good living working from wherever they want on projects that they enjoy.


Want to join the movement?

We are always looking to partner with visionary clients and meticulous builders. Here are some ways to get involved: