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MODELS & Pricing

Our Bubble development models

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Airdev Agency

Hire a fully managed team of Bubble developers and designers to build your product

  • Best for teams looking to use a white-glove agency and have Airdev fully scope and manage the build.
  • Projects start at $10k USD – our product experts scope to fit your product/budget needs.
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Airdev Flex

Match with and manage fractional Bubble freelance talent from our network of experts.

  • Best for teams that prefer to own the build themselves and manage top talent directly.
  • Monthly packages start at $1k/month – pricing depends on experience level and monthly hours.


Quality you’d expect from a high-end agency, at a fraction of the cost and time

You bring the idea, we’ll handle the rest. We’ve reinvented the software development process to match Bubble’s speed with an emphasis on building the right product with security & scalability in mind.

What to expect:

  • Custom high-fidelity designs, to know what you’ll get
  • Dedicated product expertise, to help optimize for your budget
  • Clear budget & timeline transparency, so you can plan your business
  • Top 1% Bubble developers to assemble UI and app logic for performance at scale
  • Project management using our in-house process & software
  • The backing of the Airdev agency, for peace of mind
Our agency Bubble development process

flex model

Upgrade your team with top Bubble experts, on a fractional basis

There are a lot of freelance no-code developers out there, but only a select few build with the standards that quickly produce a production-grade app. Our Bubble developers, designers, and PMs go through extensive technical vetting and project experience, and you can add them to your team in the blink of an eye.

What to expect:

  • A top 1% Bubble developer, designer, or PM, vetted by Airdev’s rigorous agency selection process
  • You provide the requirements and your team executes at Bubble-speed
  • Book monthly hours, from fractional to full-time – you coordinate when and how you work with your freelancers
  • Use your own process & tools to manage the process
Match with top Bubble developers


Your guide to no-code success

Top 1% no-code talent

Our robust recruiting, testing, and training are built to attract the very best no-code talent in the world

Most experience in the industry

We got started in 2015 and have worked with 500+ clients from 1-person startups to Fortune 50 enterprises

#1 Bubble template framework

Our Canvas framework is the most used in the Bubble template marketplace and ensures beautiful, powerful builds with less effort

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A wine store built by Bubble developers
A chat interface developed with Bubble
Josh Haas, founder of Bubble

“Airdev was the first agency to join us back in 2014 and they've been pushing the boundaries of no-code ever since.”


Common questions

Why build with Bubble (instead of other no-code tools)?

Among all the no-code tools we've tried, Bubble stands out for its power and flexibility in handling diverse product ideas. It's extensive customization options allow users to tailor their web apps to their exact specifications. Unlike other no-code tools that focus on specific use cases (e.g., Shopify for e-commerce) or parts of the tech stack (e.g., Airtable for databases), Bubble offers a true alternative to custom code. Learn more about why Bubble is our no-code app builder of choice.

How much does Bubble cost? offers 4 different pricing plans tailored to the stage and maturity of your business. Each one comes with different functionalities and varying amounts of workload units to ensure you only pay for what you need. Workload measures the work Bubble does to run your app. The Starter plan begins at $29/$32 per month, and plans with more advanced features start at $119/$134 per month. Estimate how much your Bubble app will cost to run with our cost calculator.

What external services can Bubble connect to?

Yes, as long as it’s a cloud-based database, Bubble connects to any kind of external services that expose an API for reading/writing (including payments, sources of data, authentication providers, etc.). Additionally, it is fully extensible via Javascript plugins. You can create your own plugins to add connections to non-supported services, add elements written in Javascript, or write server code.

Note: working entirely from an external database can slow development efforts since part of the advantage of using Bubble is the integrated nature of the platform. The resulting speed is still significantly faster than custom code.

What are common features supported by Bubble?

Bubble specializes in responsive web applications with dynamic databases and complex functionality. This differs from other visual programming platforms like Webflow/Wix, which focus on front-end design for static websites.

Common features include (but are not limited to):

  • User accounts (signup with email or social)
  • Creating/browsing items from the database
  • API integrations & external database queries
  • Forms & surveys with dynamic results
  • Payments (direct, subscription, or peer-to-peer)
  • Charts, graphs, data visualization
  • Notifications through email, SMS, or push
  • App analytics (e.g., Mixpanel, Amplitude)
  • Integrations with AI / machine learning services or custom algorithms

Bubble supports the integration of custom code plugins for areas where it does not natively support the desired functionality

What products is Bubble not right for?

There are a few categories of products that Bubble isn't yet good for:
- Apps that need to work without an internet connection
- Apps that have complex regulatory requirements
- Fully native mobile apps (e.g. Whatsapp or Uber) - though web-based mobile apps are supported

Can I scale my Bubble-built app?

Yes. We always design apps to optimize for scale, based on our understanding of the potential features and user behavior our client envisions. The Bubble technology is built to scale, with the ability to upgrade server capacity as needed (including migrating to a dedicated AWS cluster) to service a growing user base. Bubble provides simple dashboards and notifications to track app capacity usage to help you adjust as needed.

What security features does Bubble have?

Yes. Bubble is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is itself compliant with certifications such as SOC 2, CSA, ISO 27001, and more. All data behind Bubble apps is stored in the cloud using AWS and is generally hosted on AWS West Region (Oregon, US) which maintains a state-of-the-art security infrastructure. Below are more of Bubble’s security features:

  • AWS: All data behind Bubble apps is stored in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry standard. Data is generally hosted on AWS West Region (Oregon, US) which maintains a state-of-the-art security infrastructure.
  • Encryption: Bubble encrypts all traffic to over https, and encourages and supports users to use encryption on their own domains. All user passwords are stored salted + encrypted on Bubble's database; other user data is encrypted at rest (Bubble is on AWS RDS). Note: a more technical Bubble audit report is available upon request.
  • SSL: Bubble apps can add SSL encryption to their own domains under any paid Bubble plan. The default bubble domain includes SSL.
  • Dedicated infrastructure: For large and complex apps, Bubble offers plans with the ability to be on a dedicated AWS cluster (as opposed to shared clusters managed by Bubble), which leads to more reliable performance and greater security.
  • External database support: For projects requiring specific database setups (e.g., using a client’s Azure infrastructure, or a HIPAA-compliant data vault), the Bubble application can be set up to interface with a separate database using API calls. This slows development vs. using Bubble’s internal setup.
  • Logs: Every action that changes data in a Bubble app's database is logged, which enables auditing if needed.
  • Privacy rules: Bubble enables role-based privacy rules for apps, which restrict what data is sent from the servers to the user's hardware. This provides an additional layer of security so that data does not fall into the wrong user's hands.
  • Privacy policy: Bubble's privacy policy can be found at Bubble employees do not have access to view customer data, except when necessary to resolve engineering issues with the platform. Access to customer data is restricted based on job role. Access is periodically audited to prevent abuses.

Who owns the IP rights to my application?

You own the rights to your concept, your application, and all user-generated data created through the app. Airdev retains the ownership of the IP for our predesigned page and element templates that we use across multiple projects. More details on this distinction can be found in the client contract you can review before approving a build.

Is Airdev able to support and extend my application as it grows?

Yes, you can come back to us at any point after the initial build for additional work. You can request ad-hoc updates or sign up for a monthly plan, which will come with a certain amount of team capacity.

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