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Common questions on Bubble.io pricing & plans

How much is a Bubble subscription?

Bubble has 4 different pricing plans. Each one comes with different functionalities and varying amounts of workload units included. The free plan lets you play with Bubble’s basic features, but won’t let you deploy your app or test its more advanced capabilities. The next plan starts at $29/$32 per month, and plans with more advanced features start at $119/$134 per month. Check out Bubble’s pricing tiers for more details.

What are Bubble workload units and how do they work?

Bubble's workload units (WU) are a metric used to quantify the effort Bubble puts into running your app. It calculates all the things your app does behind the scenes. Each action or workflow you create within your Bubble.io application is assigned a certain number of workload units based on its complexity and resource requirements. The total workload units for your app, which Bubble measures monthly, are a key factor in determining your subscription cost.

You can find the full list of workload inputs in the Bubble Manual. All new Bubble plans have workload included.

How do I determine how much workload I'll need?

For Bubble newcomers, the Free plan or a trial of the Starter plan is a good way way to gauge your workload. As you build and test you app (and as your users engage with it), you'll be able to see how much workload is used within the app's logs, along with how much workload each action consumes in real-time. Keep in mind, each app is unique, and workload needs depend on factors like how you structure logic and how frequently you update your database.

What happens if I exceed my plan's workload unit limit?

Every plan comes with a specified amount of workload. If you need to exceed it, Bubble charges a pay-as-you-go rate for any additional workload usage over your monthly units ($0.30 per 1k WU). However, if you outgrow the workload units that come bundled into your app plan, you can buy additional units in bulk to unlock lower overage rates.

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