Don’t reinvent the wheel

Users today expect great design from any product they try. But that design doesn't have to be unique to your app. In fact, people prefer an experience that is recognizable and intuitive, following modern standards established by the apps they use everyday.

Canvas is a design framework built to give any new product a clean user experience and beautiful design right out of the box. By combining a consistent set of styles & standards with a vast library of modular blocks, Canvas allows you to accelerate your build by focusing on what is truly unique about your app.

For us, this means less time on design cycles, less ambiguity when we start a build, and 5x faster build times. All this helps our clients launch early and and iterate quickly.


Beautiful design, without lifting a finger

Canvas provides a clean and modern feel through a consistent set of design standards. Add your colors, branding, and logos to make it your own.

Dashboard showing listing management
Messaging view between two users
Listing page for a home rental
Invoice page showing a list of line items and a button to pay now
Social network search page displaying a list of people and a way to message or add the user as a friend
Wine products search page displaying a list of wines and their ratings
Profile page showing a user's past work experiences
Dashboard page showing a list of team members


More control, no developers required

Every Canvas app comes with a robust admin dashboard, giving you full control over branding & marketing content, SEO settings, site analytics, and app data. This means you won't have to go back to your developer every time you want to tweak your homepage call-to-action or update your site terms. Canvas puts you in the driver's seat to learn & adapt quickly to your users' needs.

Canvas Base Template's admin portal showing the launch checklist options
Icon showing a wand for customization

Identity & branding

Set your app name, logo, and color scheme to make your app feel like yours.

Icon showing a marketing page with a plus

Marketing pages

Create lightning-fast custom marketing pages using our page-maker tool with templated blocks.

Icon showing a navigation link

Header & footer

Manage the full navigation options from the header & footer for multiple user types.

Icon showing an email

Email templates

Define the copy used in each type of automated email sent from your application.

Icon showing a lock for security and authentication


Define requirements for password strength, email verification, and 2-factor authentication.

Icon showing a document

Legal terms

Upload your own custom terms & privacy policy, and define when users are required to confirm.

Icon showing a globe


Offer your app in multiple languages by translating content and setting options.

Icon showing a database

Data & analytics

Track key usage metrics, manage key app data (e.g., users), and manage user access.

complete flexibilty

Customizable and extensible

Our Canvas framework provides a robust foundation and starting point for applications but doesn’t limit them. You can still build fully custom products that match your exact requirements.

A grid icon

Any design

Start with our modern fully-responsive design and modify it to fit your brand and UI needs.

A settings icon

Any functionality

Add any web-based features that you need and make them work exactly like you want.

An API icon

Any integrations

Integrate with any third-party services that expose an API or provide an SDK.