How Bolster developed 3 custom no-code web apps on Bubble in just 6 weeks per app
Custom web portals
6 weeks per app
Raised $2.8M in funding

Bolster is a Design and Build Firm reinventing the home renovation experience. They use proprietary data and technology to help homeowners quantify the true costs of their individual projects. 

In 2019, Bolster sought to create 3 different custom tools to help serve its stakeholders, from realtor partners to potential homeowner clients. Notably, they wanted these products to be available within a matter of weeks.

To do this, Bolster partnered with Airdev to develop 3 custom no-code web-based apps on Bubble in just 6 weeks per app. 

The results?

  • Potential homeowner clients and realtor partners could estimate renovation costs and manage their projects without risk
  • $2.8M in funding raised
“Airdev’s team sets them apart. They are extremely knowledgeable, but at the same time, they are friendly and approachable. I’m not a tech employee, but the team never made me feel like I couldn’t understand what they were working through. Airdev presented everything in a way that was easy for me to grasp. It felt like we were truly a team.”
Nicole Kaes
VP Marketing at Bolster

The OBJEctive

Bolster’s goal was simple. They needed to provide their various constituents with useful, educational tools that would serve them and achieve the following core business objectives: 

  • Empower homeowners to confidently move forward with their renovation
  • Reflect the brand’s core focus and expertise in creating enjoyable and design-focused experiences for clients 
  • Provide homeowners with a calculator tool to generate a customized renovation estimate

To do this and meet ranging client needs, Bolster looked to create 3 different tools:

  1. An app allowing realtors to estimate potential renovation costs
  2. A portal for homeowner to consolidate their documents during renovations
  3. A renovation cost calculator


Needing the 3 products to be available quickly, Bolster looked to low- or no-code solutions as the way to develop these tools faster than traditional development. However, they still needed the technical expertise of an agency to help build these custom tools. Airdev had the prior experience to launch complex tools in weeks, so Bolster partnered with them to develop 3 custom no-code web-based apps on Bubble.

Airdev’s approach

With an understanding of Bolster’s customized tool requirements, Airdev began its standardized rapid and iterative build process in the no-code development platform Bubble, adhering to the following 6-week development timeline for each app:

  • Define (1-2 Weeks): The Bolster team received a dedicated expert Product Manager who walked them through product discovery to align on the highest-impact features and formalize the project’s scope and designs to fit.
  • Build (2 Weeks): Using the detailed requirements and wireframes created during scoping, a dedicated visual development team built the apps – with weekly milestones and check-ins for Bolster to see progress.
  • Review (2 Weeks): Once developed, Bolster was able to review the app and provide feedback for Airdev to quickly fix any issues before the official launch.  

From start to finish, Airdev kept Bolster at the center of its development process. They encouraged collaboration at each step through a proprietary in-house project portal (which is also built on Bubble) and ensured that everything was documented and consolidated.

“I was able to get notifications via email, and they kept me updated…Airdev has a keen ability to quickly understand the nuances and specifics of their clients’ needs and industries.” -Nicole Kaes


In just 6 weeks per app, Airdev built and deployed 3 mission-critical web apps for Bolster:

  • The Homeowner Portal
  • The Realtor Portal
  • The Renovation Calculator 

The result was 3 fast, accurate, and detailed self-service web tools that allow potential customers to get personalized renovation estimates in seconds. With this powerful no-code technology, Bolster is able to apply its continuously-growing dataset to offer more accurate pricing to its constituents.

Given the success of the tools and model, Bolster has raised $2.8M in funding and continues to empower homeowners and realtors in New York City.

“Our existing clients who are using the homeowner portal love that they can filter the documents by type or see their timelines. So far, everyone has raved about the clean design and easy functionality of the tools.” - Nicole Kaes

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