Build with the best, on your terms

Airdev Partners are top Bubble talent that build high-quality applications for clients. Join the future of software development by becoming an independent contractor today!

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Photos of Product Managers, Developers, and Designers in our Airdev Partners Program


Photo of Nate, a Developer in our Airdev Partner Program

As a partner, I get to work with fantastic Bubblers, expand my skill set, and better support my family with a steady flow of projects. All of this while maintaining a flexible schedule. It's been a fantastic experience for me.

Photo of Faye, a Designer in our Airdev Partner Program

Becoming a partner has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. The projects are always interesting, creative, and engaging. The team could not be more kind, brilliant, thoughtful, and helpful. I highly recommend the partners program to all designers & developers!

Photo of Lucien, a Product Director in our Airdev Partner Program

Being a partner is like running my own development agency, without the hassle. Airdev provides a vetted expert talent pool, admin/business support, technical guidance, and a pipeline of projects. I can focus on bringing to life exciting app ideas and grow my client portfolio.


A uniquely flexible model

Whether you're looking for a full-time gig or a side hustle, you can contribute to projects to fit your schedule:

  • Roles for developers, designers, and PMs
  • Accept offers to gigs that work for you
  • Work from wherever (20 countries and counting)
  • Grow with your clients (most extend beyond initial build)
A woman listening to music with her headphones while working on her laptop
A woman and man collaborating and reviewing information on a laptop

Focus on what you do best

We take care of the boring stuff, so you can focus on designing and developing great products

  • We acquire the gigs and offer them to you
  • Use our arsenal of templates & resources to build better
  • Our project mgmt software leads you through the process

Earn cash, build skills

Our output-based payment structure means you'll get paid well whether you work with us a lot or a little

  • Earn up to a six-figure income
  • Fixed payments per milestone, so you know what you'll get
  • Grow your skill base
A man smiling and working on his laptop
A woman standing next to a whiteboard and pointing to a wireframe

Work on products that matter

As partners of the premier Bubble agency, Airdev, you will play a vital role in the success of new and existing ventures

  • Work with leading startups, non-profits, and enterprises
  • Build a wide range of applications to serve real needs
  • Collaborate with clients to help them build the right product


Let's work together

Choose an engagement below to learn more about what we are looking for and what to expect. Click to apply when ready. We look forward to meeting you!

Developers are the heart of the build, translating requirements into functional logic to make the app run as expected.

Your responsibilities
  • Review fixed scope document and app design
  • Set up database and privacy rules
  • Create app logic (data sources, workflows, and integrations)
  • Test and resolve feedback from QA and the client
What we look for
  • Bubble mastery (logic, not design) and Canvas familiarity
  • Analytical prowess (breaking problems apart)
  • Clear written communication (English)
  • Alignment to our core values
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Product Managers guide clients from abstract vision or need a concrete product scope, and manage the build execution

Your responsibilities
  • Discuss product vision and needs with client
  • Create scope requirements, wireframes, quote, and timeline
  • Manage project build and launch
  • Support client through stages of growth
What we look for
  • Structured analytical thinking and product expertise
  • Superior verbal and written communication (English)
  • Bubble and Canvas mastery (building and time estimates)
  • Alignment to our core values
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