OnlyBots & why no-code + AI is the perfect pairing

OnlyBots & why no-code + AI is the perfect pairing

No-code AI sounds like a tech jargon word salad but in reality it represents a major opportunity for both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. 

AI is the magical-seeming technology that’s been dominating the tech news cycle because it can:

  • Answer complex questions like a human
  • Generate and edit images (and soon videos) with only a couple of clicks
  • Write creative content in any style or tone
  • Analyze large amounts of data with only vague instructions
  • And much more

This opens up a world of possibility when it comes to building applications that weren’t possible before. Over the next few years, we’re likely to experience a sort of a gold rush as startups and enterprises try to capture value created by this transformative technology.

So where does no-code come in? No-code tools allow non-coders to build custom software using logic and visual interfaces. This software can range from simple, using tools like Airtable and Zapier, to very complex, using tools like Bubble. And when it comes to AI applications, no-code can serve as the scaffolding around the AI core. 

Say you’re looking to build a platform that allows lawyers to use AI to quickly analyze legal documents and point out areas that they should pay attention to. The actual document analysis will be done using AI but there is also a lot of other stuff you have to build: user authentication,  permissioning, subscriptions, document upload/storage, general user interface, a scalable database, etc.

These bits of functionality are not complex but they need to be built and are traditionally built using code. But now all of them can be built using a tool like Bubble 5-10x faster and cheaper.

And so we thought that OnlyBots would be a fun showcase for this. It was built without any code but is essentially a fully-functional, AI-powered social network. We hope you check it out.

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