Demystifying Tech - Episode 2: What is binary?

Demystifying Tech - Episode 2: What is binary?

What is binary?

Binary is a numbering system that serves as the basis for storage, transfer and manipulation of data in computer systems and digital electronic devices. The binary system is based on two numerals: 0 and 1.

Computers use binary because it’s the simplest method for counting available and is how a computer runs everything through your phone or PC, from memory to HD video streaming.

Understanding binary numbers can thus help us understand some of the fundamentals of computer operations at a sufficiently abstract level. After all, computer programs use Boolean logic (which deals with only two possible values: true or false. True is represented by 1 and false is represented by 0) to carry out their instructions.

How does binary work?

In this video from our Demystifying Tech series, Airdev's co-founder goes to the whiteboard to describe what binary is, why it's important to software development, and how it works. All in simple terms.

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