Bubble.io examples: 6 innovative no-code apps built with Bubble

Bubble.io examples: 6 innovative no-code apps built with Bubble

The no-code space is growing rapidly, and Bubble.io’s surge in popularity (thanks to its ability to build more complex, custom apps of any type), is driving a wave of inspiring use cases. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of examples of how founders and big companies are using Bubble to power their businesses and launch innovative new product ideas. Here are a few of our favorite Bubble.io app examples that you can go check out for yourself. 

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6 examples of apps built with Bubble.io 

1. TicketRev

Category: event ticketing marketplace

Most marketplace platforms start with a seller who offers their goods or services to buyers at a set price. But TicketRev is the first ever reverse marketplace app for event tickets. It allows fans to submit bids for tickets on events at their preferred price and seating location, enabling sellers to accept a bid and sell their tickets instantly. 

This Bubble-built platform helps fans search for the events they want to attend, providing a suggested bid range so that they always know if their offer is fair. And when a seller accepts a bid request, TicketRev allows them to sell discreetly and get paid instantly, never having to list their inventory for sale. 

Since its launch in 2021, TicketRev has raised $1.1M in pre-seed funding from 500 Startups, Soma Capital, Groove Capital, Techstars, the Minnesota Twins, and various other angel investors.

See Ticketrev’s launch story. 

2. Workello

Category: talent recruitment portal

Any business looking to hire content creation talent knows how time consuming and overwhelming it can be to source, evaluate, test, and hire good writers. That’s why the content team at Workello decided to build their dream system to filter out bad candidates and find good ones faster – then offer that proprietary system up as an app anyone can use.

Workello is a skills testing platform that helps companies spend a lot less time identifying and hiring the top 1% of their writer applicants much faster. Within the automated Workello dashboard, content managers are able to centralize candidates to evaluate applying writers with pre-hire skills tests, reject applications, interview, and send candidate offers with a single click. Their app built on Bubble removes the whole manually chaotic process of finding great talent.

3. Playground IEP

Category: educational services portal

Playground IEP is a special education caseload management portal for schools. The idea was conceived by special educator Sean Klamm, who wanted to automate many of the manual tasks of case management so schools could refocus their energy from spreadsheets to students. This included giving teachers a place to easily access up-to-date student information, as well as automated IEP (individualized education program) scheduling between all of a student’s service providers. 

The portal consists of 3 core time-saving features for school users. These include IEP snapshots to generate easily edited, shared, and viewed information for each child on the caseload, automated IEP scheduling to automatically invite each of a student’s service providers to meetings, and an individualized teacher dashboard to display all of a teacher’s students on the caseload. 

See Playground IEP’s launch story. 

4. Yusa

Category: home services marketplace

For many homeowners, finding easy, quick, reliable expert assistance for home repairs, maintenance, and improvement projects can be a challenge. That’s why Yusa built a mobile, two-sided marketplace app where people can easily connect with licensed experts through video with the click of a button, eliminating the need to hire a company that can be costly and time-consuming or trying to DIY it while sifting through unreliable information online.

Yusa’s unique Bubble-built platform allows homeowners to share details about their problem so they can be matched to licensed experts who can provide quick, high-quality advice via video chat. Yusa processes all transactions, with the majority of revenue earned going directly to the experts. 

5. Cerebro Sports

Category: sports analytics and evaluation platform

Historical recruiting practices for high school and college basketball players haven’t always been the fairest. But Cerebro Sports is an app that’s changing that. They offer a robust player evaluation platform that maintains a global database of basketball performance analytics so that players are able to better track their individual development and coaches can more efficiently and cost-effectively evaluate prospects.

Cerebro’s platform includes a global player database with stats gathered from high school, college, NBA, and overseas competitions. It allows coaches to specify their search to show players based on the roles/skills they need to fill in 60 seconds, and empowers individual players to monitor their game performance and compare themselves with competitors. 

Since its launch in 2021, Cerebro has not only added over 600k player records and a growing user base of college programs, pro teams and agencies, but also expanded operations with an investment by entrepreneur and NBA governor Mark Cuban.

See Cerebro Sports’ launch story.

6. Not Real Twitter

Category: social media platform

Not Real Twitter (NRT) is a near carbon copy of the world’s biggest social media network. It was launched by Airdev a few years ago to showcase the power of no-code and Bubble – and it was built in just under a week!

Just like the real Twitter, NRT allows users to engage in real-time conversations, share thoughts, ideas, and media, and follow updates from people on the platform. Users can post (not real) "tweets," which are short messages limited to 280 characters, to express their thoughts or share links and multimedia content. It offers features like following other users, retweeting to share content with followers, and liking tweets to show appreciation.

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Want more Bubble.io app examples?

Check out more examples of other apps we’ve built using Bubble.io to see all the possibilities available to you. Or, if you’re ready to start building your own app on Bubble fast and reliably, contact us to discuss your project!